The Benefits of Giving To Charities

In many parts of the world, there are many people suffering from the effects of extreme poverty and in most cases these people can do nothing to change their situation. While the effects of poverty are detrimental to everybody affected, they are particularly injurious to children who will usually be helpless to do anything about the condition they find themselves in.


Some people associate poverty with developing countries and while it is true that the majority of the afflicted are in developing countries, there are also plenty of such cases in the industrialized world. Just foregoing a meal and giving that money as a donation could help keep a family in another corner of our global village well fed for a few days. If such donations are channelled to the education of children, your small donation will go a long way in laying the foundation for the secure future for a child who probably had no other hope.

Donating to charity is not just good for the recipient but also for the giver. People will usually donate to causes they believe in and when you do this you give more meaning to your own life. Research has shown that the very act of giving imbues the giver with pleasure which he or she cannot obtain elsewhere.

On top of being so pleasurable, donation-giving does not affect you negatively as donations are tax-deductible when you donate to a charity approved by the IRS. Giving could also influence other people close to you such as your spouse and children who, influenced by your self-less action, might also get inspired to give. A donation does not need to be monetary – you could have items of clothing and many household items that you no longer need or use but which will be priceless to another person.