Look at a Charity’s Track Record

While it is important to look at the results of the work of a charity to decide if it is worth donating to, it is also important to remember that it might not be very easy to measure the results of charity work especially if the charity is involved in very long term projects. In such situations, it might be more helpful to look at the charity’s track record. Is the charity run in a transparent manner? How broad are the charity’s initiatives and how sustainable are they? What kind of reports can you get when you research the charity online? These are important questions to address and will help you choose a charity you can donate to.

Cost effectiveness

One of the problems you might encounter when deciding the charity to donate to is that there are many charities doing similar or identical work. Charities will usually produce reports that show the effects of their interventions at the end of a year. When comparing charities doing similar work, you need to find out the achievements they have made in a year and also the amount of resources each charity has used. Of course you want to work with a charity that spends as little money as possible but delivers great results. Donating to a cost-effective charity means that your donation will help change the lives of many people.

Common Giving Mistakes To Beware Of

When you make the decision to give to a charitable cause, you certainly hope that your donation is going to make a difference in the life of someone in need but is this always the case? While there are plenty of charities worth giving to, there are also plenty of unscrupulous people taking advantage of human suffering and catastrophes to line their pockets. You certainly don’t want to be fooled but the presence of such individuals should not discourage you from giving. Instead, it should make you work even harder to identify really worthy causes to ensure that what you give serves the purpose you intended.

Separating true charities from fake ones is never easy because there are so many of them locally, nationally and even globally. Rather than make rushed donations which you come to regret later, there are measures you can take to help you give with confidence.

Research the charity
Some people donate to a charity based only on the info they get from friends or social media but this does not amount to responsible giving. However busy you might be, you must take time to gather as much info as you can about the institution you intend to give to. While the friends who recommended the charity certainly had good intentions, the sources of their info could be inaccurate or misleading.

Find out what the charity really requires
While some people only think about giving money to charities, others find it more meaningful to volunteer their time and expertise while others send clothing and foodstuffs among other items. Before making your donation, it is important to find out what the charity really requires. If, for instance, you sent items of clothing to a charity that is responding to a crisis in a different part of the globe, those items might never be delivered because of logistical problems. In a situation like that your monetary donation would have a greater impact.

Budget your charitable giving
While you have a reason to assist people who suddenly find themselves in misery, ideal giving should actually be budgeted for. It helps to decide in advance not only the kind of causes you wish to support but also the exact amount you’ll be comfortable giving. With you giving plan already developed, you save yourself from the agony of succumbing to pressure-filled requests that you are likely to receive from aid seekers who might not even be genuine.

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There are many people who have the desire to donate to charities but do not know how to go about it or whom to donate to. While the majority of charities are doing a great job in transforming the lives of the less fortunate members of our society, there are some which have given charity work a bad name because they have been involved in charity work for so long yet they have nothing to show for all their efforts.
Some people who would be willing to donate will not touch such charities for fear that they are only being used to line the pockets of some individuals without helping the poor they are supposed to help. So, what do you need to look at to confirm that you are dealing with a charity that means well?

IRS approval
The IRS approves charities that are recognized as doing an effective job and one of the things you should look for before donating to a charity is to confirm that it has this approval. On top of operating with the peace of mind that you are working with legit charity, such donations are tax deductable.

The Benefits of Giving To Charities

In many parts of the world, there are many people suffering from the effects of extreme poverty and in most cases these people can do nothing to change their situation. While the effects of poverty are detrimental to everybody affected, they are particularly injurious to children who will usually be helpless to do anything about the condition they find themselves in.


Some people associate poverty with developing countries and while it is true that the majority of the afflicted are in developing countries, there are also plenty of such cases in the industrialized world. Just foregoing a meal and giving that money as a donation could help keep a family in another corner of our global village well fed for a few days. If such donations are channelled to the education of children, your small donation will go a long way in laying the foundation for the secure future for a child who probably had no other hope.

Donating to charity is not just good for the recipient but also for the giver. People will usually donate to causes they believe in and when you do this you give more meaning to your own life. Research has shown that the very act of giving imbues the giver with pleasure which he or she cannot obtain elsewhere.

On top of being so pleasurable, donation-giving does not affect you negatively as donations are tax-deductible when you donate to a charity approved by the IRS. Giving could also influence other people close to you such as your spouse and children who, influenced by your self-less action, might also get inspired to give. A donation does not need to be monetary – you could have items of clothing and many household items that you no longer need or use but which will be priceless to another person.